Even a small baby, he thinks the outside world is very exciting, and he will be very happy outside. He sticks to whoever takes him outside. The older baby is even more powerful. No matter what he is playing at the moment, he can accurately perceive which person in the family is going out, and then drag the person with clothes and shoes as quickly as possible. Outdoor play is good for baby’s physical and mental development   

3 main advantages of going out for babies 

This is determined by the baby’s physical and mental development needs.

If your baby’s cognitive ability wants to develop well, it needs constant contact with the outside world. Babies must learn to grow up. Observational learning is a very important way of learning. Babies develop their own behaviors by observing the behavior of others, understand the environment by observing the external environment, and form their own understanding.

Compared with home, the outdoor air is fresh, the field of vision is wide, the space for activities is large, and the baby can move in a wide range, which is more conducive to the baby’s physical and mental development. If you have a lot of friends, playing games with them can increase your baby’s physical and mental activities, which is conducive to sleep.

1. Playing outdoors is good for your baby’s health

Of the vitamin D needed by the human body, 90% of it needs to be obtained from the sun. This type of vitamin helps to promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and promotes the formation of bones. Therefore, it is called the suns1.hine vitamin. In today’s society, parents take too much care of their children and don’t take their babies out much for fear of outside air pollution, bacterial infection, etc. However, excessive protection has caused many babies to have calcium deficiency symptoms. Therefore, parents are advised to give their children more sun It helps calcium absorption, and its effect is better than eating cod liver oil.

2. Outdoor play is conducive to intellectual development

The optic nerve is not fully developed after the baby is born, and the pupil contraction ability is worse than that of the adult. The cognitive ability is limited. At first, they only recognize the fuzzy face of the mother. However, as time goes by, the baby will become more and more interested in the world after the optic nerve develops. When he sees external things, he always wants to express his curiosity about the world by touching, putting it in his mouth, and smelling it with his nose. .

If you often take your child out in the early stage, look at the surrounding environment and look at new things, it will not only help the child’s optic nerve development, but also help cultivate the child’s curiosity about the world, trigger his desire to learn and recognize, and promote his brain thinking ability. In particular, it can promote the development of the baby’s brain and promote the development of its intelligence.

Babies develop their intelligence through contact with the outside world. The development of intelligence stems from the development of sensory and motor abilities. The perception of the newborn baby is very poor, almost can’t see the mother’s face, even the sound is not made. Some babies’ hearing is also very poor, and their hands are almost incapable of movement. With the development of visual ability and the awakening of hand movement, the richer the world they see, the more active their thinking is. The richer the world the baby sees and the more representations the brain stores, the better the brain development!

3. Outdoor play is conducive to the baby’s emotional development

At about 2 months, the baby can smile to the person smiling at him. This social expression is learned through interaction with parents. Parents are the social reference for baby’s emotional expression. In the process of contact with the outside world, there will be more social references to become a template for the baby’s emotional and emotional development. In the process of playing with people, they slowly develop how to get along with others, how to take care of others’ emotions so as not to be rejected by others, what kind of behavior is most liked by others, etc.

How to make your baby fall in love with outdoor play

Taking your baby to play outdoors is different from home. You must be able to solve your baby’s eating and drinking at any time, and you may also encounter minor injuries caused by some mother’s negligence. To satisfy the baby’s desire to explore the world, mothers need to do this:

1. Bring the necessary supplies

Babies like the outdoors, even if they are just walking around in the community, they are unwilling to come back. It takes an hour or two. During this period, the baby will be thirsty, so bring a thermos cup with enough hot water.

Outside, babies are generally not easy to be hungry, but food has the advantage that it can comfort the baby when he bumps and feels sad. When other babies eat, take it out to eat, or give some to other babies to exchange feelings.

There are wet wipes, paper towels, and one or two small clothes that may be used. These items can be carried in a small diaper bag backpack or in a cart basket.

Regardless of the season, even if you don’t need to wear a hat, you must carry it with you to protect yourself from the wind and cold.

2. Small parks and small grasslands are good choices

Baby likes nature, a flower, a tree, and a leaf will arouse his interest in observation.

Give the child a chance to walk him close to a tree, an empty grassland, a rotten wood, and a puddle of rain. Let the baby touch the tree rings, look for bugs in the grass, and feel the weight of the dead wood , Throw a stone in the water…

This process not only exercises the child’s perception ability, but also improves the “natural quotient”.

3. Form a baby playing team

Several babies play together, can play longer. Mothers can make appointments at a fixed time and place, bring a few toys, and play regularly with other babies. The baby is accompanied to play games, mothers exchange parenting experiences, this scene is warm and the baby is happy.


Taking the baby go out to play, not only exercised the body, but also increased the relationship between the parents and the baby, and also enjoyed a good parent-child time.

At the same time, you can get to know more friends, making it easier for your baby to communicate with the outside world, and to adapt to unfamiliar environments!

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